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    Jewish Weightlifting – The Ultimate Passover Shirt

    Jews may not be known for being athletic, but we’ve been some of history’s greatest weightlifters.  Get this shirt for your favorite heeb on Passover or Chanukah.

    Deep Snatch

    Deep snatch has been a labor of love, nearly two weeks from conception to production. Needless to say snatch jokes are a dime a dozen around a WOD and barbell club, but we had to step it up a notch. With undertones of Deep Throat, Deep Snatch is an instant classic.

    Babies are good for something

    Babies are just like adjustable kettlebells, they keep getting heavier as you get stronger.

    Jerking All Over Your Box

    The shirt that started it all – came to me one day in Crossfit Amped’s barbell club. Because if you’re gonna jerk, do it all over your box.

    Paleo Dating

    The Paleo isn’t just a diet, it is a way of life. Bars and dating sites are so this millennium, eat like a caveman, date like a caveman. Available in guys and girls shirts.

    The Best Baby Shirt Ever

    I’ve often tried to figure out what babies are actually good for, apparently I need to keep searching. You heard it here first – babies are not kettlebells.

    babies are not kettlebells

    babies are not kettlebells


    Boobs Make Pushups Easier

    The real question is, on the whole, does a nice rack help or hinder crossfit? Obviously pushups are easier, doubleunders more fun for the guys to watch…they might get in the way for oly lifting…

    boobs make pushups easier

    boobs make pushups easier


    Tofu is Murder

    Just one taste and you’ll agree, tofu is murder. Admittedly mostly it kills tastebuds, but that still counts.

    Oh, and tofu really is murder.


    Eat Me I’m Paleo

    Need we say more? Of course available in guys and girls shirts.

    paleo t shirt

    paleo t shirt

    If strong is the new sexy, I must be irresistible

    Tired of 100lb waifs telling you strong is the new sexy (also how they have curves)? This is the shirt for the beast in you. Available in guys and girls shirts.